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Residential Course Details


The Studio's 661 Rayleigh Road Essex CM13 1SS For details on Our residential accommodation please request a brochure from

How to find us

Residential students will be required to register the day before and stay residential on the evening before the course begins.


Accommodation at SEBS is dormintory based with shared toilet and shower facilites. All bed linen is provided, but students should provide their own toiletries and towels. Students in residence will be under the supervision of specially appointed house persons and staff who are DBS checked.


Students should arrive the day before at 4pm to register and have their suitcases and bags ready to be taken to the residential accommodation. We suggest that students bring a seperate dance bag and have this packed for use on the first day.


Daily breakfast, lunch, coffee, afternoon tea and supper are included in the fees for Residential students only. Non-Residents should bring a packed lunch unless prior arrangements have been made as lunches are available at itemised prices.


All students: normal practice wear and ballet shoes.

Girls: black or dark leotards, pink tights (if possible). Girls are expected to bring Pointe shoes with them. 

Boys: black or grey tights.

In addition, students need just their outdoor clothes and usual practice clothes. Please name-tag all your personal property so it can be easliy identified if lost.


Rules relating to students' conduct when at the residential and studio  venues are in place for students’ wellbeing and students should make themselves familiar with the rules upon arrival. A copy will be hand to each student upon their arrival. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have read and understood the Rules,  South East Ballet Scholars reserves the right to send any student home who fails to comply with these Rules and will not be liable to refund any part of the fees paid in such circumstances. 

To the extent permitted by law, SEBS shall not be liable to any person for any damage or loss, whether of money or of property, arising from a failure by that person, or by any other person not employed by SEBS, to comply with the Rules. However, this shall not exclude or limit any liability for personal injury caused by the negligence of SEBS or its employees.

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