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Auditions are now being held through our new Trial Days. 


Terms and Conditions

Acceptance and attendance on to South East Ballet Scholars Ltd

1.South East Ballet Scholars reserves the right to alter and/or substitute any of the tutors, the content, duration, time, location and/or the date of lessons.

2. A place on the South East Ballet Scholars LTD is subject to attendance and continuous assessment.

3.The fees (Currently £245 for 7 Sessions per term) plus an annual admin charge of £20.00 are payable at the start of term.

4. A full terms notice in writing (date stamped) is required for withdrawal of any pupil, failing which a full terms fees becomes payable in lieu of short notice.

5. Accepting a place and attending South East Ballet Scholars Ltd you are accepting responsibility for the payment of all fees by the due dates and confirming that you have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions. 

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